Inventory ideas for KIN pilots

Setting up the first KIN projects is part of the KIN’s start-up phase. The Dutch Climate Research Initiative Netherlands (KIN) is issuing a call for ideas for topics for the first KIN projects. The ideas describe a specific, highly urgent topic within one of the major system transitions, on which the first KIN projects could focus.

We want to demonstrate with these projects that the KIN approach will help to accelerate the transitions. Not only in terms of the implementation of the projects, but also in the way they are selected, designed and launched.

The transitions on which the KIN will initially focus are:

  1. Cities & Infrastructure 
  2. Energy, Industry & Economy
  3. Nature, Agriculture, Food & Water
  4. Healthcare & Planetary Health

Looking for subjects

What important topics should we focus on in the Netherlands, where the KIN approach can really make a difference? Consider questions such as: Is the research fragmented? Is there not enough upscaling? Are important partners missing? Does cooperation not come about or are there (procedural) barriers that hinder the effects?

The ideas must be of great importance to the relevant transition and must be in line with or respond to contemporary climate challenges within society. The capacity of available expertise in the Netherlands on the subject is an important consideration. The need for an inter/transdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide approach is essential.

Finally, a subject can be of both national and international importance, whereby an international subject must focus on global challenges and their local effects in developing countries, to which the Netherlands can contribute through a mutual learning process.