Getting started with climate justice in the Crutzen workshop

13th of June

The KIN wants to stimulate knowledge and innovation in a new way. This is necessary to make a substantial contribution to accelerating the necessary climate transformations as soon as possible. This acceleration is necessary to reach the goal of a sustainable, climate-neutral society by 2050. The KIN pre-program council recommended setting up the first workshop with the theme, “How can we accelerate climate transitions from an equity perspective?” Using the ‘Open Space Technology’ method, led by Doris Gottlieb, representatives of key societal actors and stakeholders ‘in the system’ – such as policymakers, civil society parties and scientists – will work together to arrive at a mission-driven research program with the most significant possible impact.

We will do this in a “Crutzen workshop”. The dates for the first workshop are set for October 9, 10 and 11, 2023. If you have something important to contribute when it comes to climate justice, mark these dates in your calendar. Only together can we achieve the right work program. Either way, participating means positively contributing to one of the most pressing issues of our time. At this moment, it has not been decided how many participants can attend.

In the coming period, we will develop the frameworks and practical matters. It is a learning process in which little is fixed. ‘Open Space’ meetings assume that the people who come are just the right ones; that what happens is all that can happen; that it starts when it starts and ends when it ends. They are meetings where there is plenty of room for energy and creativity with wonderful results that no one could have imagined beforehand. Are you curious? Nice! Do you have questions? Perfect! But please save those questions until later. You may find some answers on our website and on LinkedIn. If not, there will be room to ask you questions later on. For now, our focus is getting everything up and running before the summer break.